There is no reason to stop investing


Ten years ago, investing looked like foreign exchange, and few people understood it.

Contrary to now, investing has become a word or phrase that often appears everywhere, and many influential people in the financial, corporate and private sectors are discussing the importance of investing.

Everyone agrees that every stock has value, and because of investing, our value goes down due to the impact of inflation.

Regardless of the reasons, the most important thing is to emphasize the right investment mindset, investing is not just a matter of tracking, but doing it carefully and with a specific purpose, so that our approach to investing will be able to achieve the expected goals. clean. We started from scratch.

There is no reason to stop investing

With the increasingly available information and platforms that support us and make it easier for us to start investing, there is no reason to hesitate to invest.

If we look at investment growth, of course it is now more than in previous years, and cannot be separated from the rapid development of technology, especially in the financial sector or what we usually call fintech (financial technology).

Where in the past we went to the bank to buy stock products, today we can buy many of these products from our cell phones.

If only those who liked it could buy investment products, now almost everyone can become a sole investor and invest with affordable money.

The above will definitely be useful if we don't share too many benefits.

Maybe some say they are late to invest and the current trend is only for young people. Of course this kind of thinking is wrong, because investing is not only for 20 year olds.

Of course, the sooner we invest, the higher the reward we will get, because time is an investment partner.

Of course, it is also possible for those over the age of 20 to start and acquire investment opportunities for future financial goals.

There is a saying that the best time to invest was 20 years ago, then now.

Once we understand the importance of investing, it's never too late to start regardless of age. Young people may differ in their choice of tools, because it is certain that from now on everything will be different.

To further clarify why we should invest and why it's never too late. Here are some reasons to consider:

Saving Money

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, investing transforms our money and uses it to improve our economy.

Then of course there is the output of the operating system of this device. We get these exports in the form of prices or returns, so the money we have now is worth the price of the commodity.


, such as buying a house, traveling for Hajj, paying for children's education, money, etc.

By investing, the seeds we sow will be harvested when the harvest arrives. Of course, to achieve these financial goals, a lot of funds are needed. To achieve this, we can do so by investing regularly in investment products that are relevant to our risk data.

With renewable energy, achievable hope is getting closer, and the key is patience and consistency.

Take control of our lives.

Whether directly or indirectly, investing means that we consciously start planning for the future, and we know that to achieve those goals in the future, we need to take concrete steps now.

With this kind of training, it indirectly provides stability and reduces fear of the future because from now on we are ready. At least we have taken steps to be careful.

So, from the explanation above, it doesn't seem too late to start investing in a bright future.

Don't forget to continue to learn and deepen research in investment science which we can get from anywhere.

Or if you want to be more secure, we can also hire experts, because currently there are also many financial companies available not only for B2B (business to business), but also for private or clients.

Happy investment journey.